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Training Activities
Promotion and Recruitment
NRBHSS Scholarship Program

Training Activities

Various training activities are organized and supervised by the department:

Training in Social Work (Youth Protection and CLSC), Specialized Education and Administration

Programs on psychosocial training are provided in partnership with Marie-Victorin College. Trainers are assigned to a subregion (Hudson or Ungava) to provide week-long training to some 100 employees per year. Through these programs, workers acquire tools and skills in the field; the programs are part of our efforts in providing on-the-job training.

The mentoring programs under each of these programs are under constant development, and year after year an improvement is noted in skills acquisition, both theoretical and practical.

Inuit Management Training Program

These university-level courses are provided under McGill University’s health and social services management certificate program, a 30-credit program.

The training is available to Inuit working in the field in a management position.

Training during Orientation and Integration

All new staff arriving from outside the region (example, Montréal) have to participate in a two-day orientation session held in Montréal. Those training sessions help the newcomers acquire a better understanding of life in Nunavik and the Inuit culture. The cultural part of the training is given by an Inuk to ensure respect for Inuit values and practices.

Clinical Projects

Under the clinical projects, various training sessions are held on topics such as foetal alcohol syndrome and suicide prevention (ASIST).

Promotion and Recruitment

Perspective Nunavik

Launched in 2014, Perspective Nunavik—a promotion and recruitment campaign—seeks to spark curiosity and answer questions in the field of health and social services in Nunavik. The campaign is deployed through several platforms with its own micro-site and has a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn. Various testimonies are available online to showcase the different job and training possibilities in the Nunavik health and social services network. The campaign is aimed at interesting the regional population in a range of professions that contribute to our organizations’ proper functioning, such as archivists, directors of finance, liaison officers, laboratory technicians, mechanics, computer technicians, cooks and so forth. The campaign also extends to university and career fairs to promote specialized jobs in Nunavik.

School visits are organized to promote jobs available in the field among students and inform them of the training programs available. Jointly with those visits, one-day shadowing experiences are organized in collaboration with the CLSCs. These allow students to experience firsthand what the work entails and to learn about the related requirements.