Reportable Diseases (MADOs)

Reportable diseases (MADOs) are diseases, infections and cases of poisoning that can potentially threaten public health. That is why physicians and laboratories are required to report them to public-health authorities.

The two MADO lists are included in the Regulation under the Public Health Act.

Consult the list here

For sexually transmitted and bloodborne infections, consult the following section

Tuberculosis is an ongoing concern in Nunavik. The incidence of active TB declined between 1980 and 2003, but rates have risen again since 2007. Young adults and young families with children seem to be the most affected. Many factors underlie the high TB rates in Nunavik.

First, the large number of adults and elders with latent infections contributes to periodic reactivations of TB. More importantly, research shows that TB incidence is strongly linked to social determinants such as malnutrition, poverty, alcohol and drug abuse, and inadequate housing. The evidence for the role of crowded housing in enabling transmission of TB is particularly compelling.

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