Lead ammunition: how it affects our health

Lead ammunitionLead is a toxic chemical that has been banned in several products such as gasoline, paint and water pipes. Yet it can still be found in ammunition used by hunters throughout Nunavik. 

Scientific studies have shown that no amount of lead is safe. Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable. Lead has harmful consequences on the brain development of unborn babies and young children. 

A recent study of Nunavik retailers has shown that lead ammunition is still widely available including lead shots.The study also showed that while hunters switched to steel shots, they sometimes still used lead shots. Most hunters continue to use lead based bullets.

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services (NRBHSS) has joined other organizations in Canada to support a ban on lead ammunition. The NRBHSS Public Health Department is working with the Nunavik Hunters, Fishermen and Trappers Association to promote lead-free alternatives.

Hunters take to heart the well-being of their families. They want to provide the healthiest food available. Switch to lead-free ammunition. Make sure there is no lead fragments in the wild meat you prepare, especially for babies, children and pregnant women. 

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