Dental Care

The program covers a range of dental services, which are described in the Dental Benefits Guide, available at

Basic dental services include:

  • Diagnostic services;
  • Prevention services;
  • Restorative services;
  • Endodontic services;
  • Periodontal services;
  • Removable prosthodontic services;
  • Oral surgery services;
  • Orthodontic services;
  • services.

This program offers eligible beneficiaries coverage for benefits not covered by another public or private health insurance plan.

To take advantage of this program, the beneficiary or his/her guardian must make an appointment for an examination or obtain a treatment plan.


  • The beneficiary or his/her guardian must ask the pharmacist to contact NIHB Nunavik in order to obtain an authorization indicating the applicable reimbursement after validation of the beneficiary's eligibility, the prescription and the pharmacist's submission.
  • The authorization issued by Nunavik NIHB will indicate the amount to be reimbursed directly to the pharmacist. In the event that the program does not cover the full amount, the beneficiary will be responsible for paying the difference to the pharmacist.