Planning and Programming

The Department of Planning and Programming assumes four essential roles: the organization, coordination, development and evaluation of services on the Nunavik territory. These roles take concrete form through: 

  • the assessment of needs, the inventory of resources and the definition of priorities with the support of the Clinical Project Ilusiliriniqmi Pigutjiutini Qimmiruniq; 
  • the conception and implementation of several provincial and federal programs; 
  • the coordination of services offered on the territory; 
  • the establishment of general access procedures to receive those services; 
  • the coordination of services offered by the community organizations and the family-type and intermediate resources; 
  • the follow-up and evaluation of programs; 
  • the support for program revision. 

This department ensures the implementation and development of the following programs: 

  • program for children, youths and families; 
  • program for persons lacking autonomy; 
  • program dealing with the effects of family violence, alcoholism and drug and solvent abuse; 
  • program for mental-health services; 
  • community programs; 
  • medical affairs; 
  • physical health.