Mental Health

In Nunavik, front-line health and social services are provided by the two health centres, via 14 local points of service (CLSCs). The CLSC is the point of entry for all services. There, individuals with mental-health problems are evaluated, referred and followed up by a local team of professionals. 

Description of mental-health services 

The following services were developed in cooperation with the two health centres of Nunavik and our partners in the communities. 


Mental-health team 

A mental-health team is in place in each health centre. Its objectives are to improve case management, ensure follow-up, support the professionals and facilitate access to adult- and child-psychiatry services through visiting psychiatrists.

Specialized mental-health services 

If more specialized services are needed, referrals to hospitals in Montréal are made. 

  • Specialized services for adults are offered by the Douglas Mental Health University Institute (Montréal). 
  • Specialized services for children and youths are offered by the Montréal Children’s Hospital. 

Local residential resources for individuals with chronic mental-health issues

Four regional residential facilities provide services to residents with mental-health problems but who do not require hospitalization or more-specialized services:

  • Facilities under the responsibility of the Inuulitsivik Health Centre: 
    • The Anaraaluk Reintegration Centre (Inukjuak) offers services to individuals who need supervision in their daily activities and with medication; 
    • The Aaniavituqarq Crisis Centre (Puvirnituq) offers services to clients in crisis, with chronic mental-health problems. 
  • Facilities under the responsibility of specific community organizations: 
    • The Ungava Supervised House (Ungava community residence), located in Kuujjuaq, helps residents develop social and personal skills, facilitates clinical services and offers room and board;
    • The Uvattinut Supervised Apartments (Uvattinut community residence) rent small apartments in Puvirnituq to residents with a certain level of autonomy and who are in the process of acquiring social and personal skills. 
  • Flyer: Lodging Resources in Nunavik

Community Liaison Wellness Worker Program

The 14 communities of Nunavik can rely on the presence of a local CLWW (Community Liaison and Wellness Worker) involved in the development of prevention and promotion initiatives related to mental health. These resources work closely with community well-being committees, other community partners, and the health and social services network.

Other ongoing initiatives: 

  • Regional Mental-Health Steering Committee; 
  • Working committee promoting mental health and preventing mental disorders; 
  • Training for workers of the mental-health residential services; 
  • Training on Inuit mental-health first aid; 
  • ACCESS project: Adolescent/young adult connections to community-driven, early, strengths-based and stigma-free services.