Administrative Services

 The Department of Administrative Services assumes the following roles: 

  • distribute financial resources in view of implementing the regional service organization plans; 
  • allocate operating budgets; 
  • ensure follow-up to budgets and subsidies; 
  • review requests for physical resources. 

The Department of Administrative Services includes the following units: 

  • financial and human-resources department, 
  • administrative services; 
  • fixed assets;
  • informatics services.

The department also supports the annual development and follow-up of the strategic regional planning. In relation to the strategic planning, the department manages the development and follow-up of capital projects for short- to long term investments for the entire health and social services network. 
The department also ensures support for the two health centres in the region on different files, such as budgeting and other financial services, as well as the maintenance of major assets, through different renovation and replacement projects. 
The team of administrative services works to establish, maintain and foster positive, productive and respectful working relationships to ensure efficient and effective use of resources.