Family Violence & Sexual Abuse

The family-violence and sexual-abuse files at the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services (NRBHSS) include supporting existing services, developing new services, participating in prevention and promotion activities, coordinating regional collaboration and ensuring policies and procedures are in place to provide a framework for action on these issues in Nunavik. 

Support of existing services
Development of services
Promotion and prevention
Regional collaboration
Policies and procedures
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Support of existing services 

Services and the front-line workers who provide them are supported through: 

  • Meetings with coordinators at the two hospital centres and community organizations; 
  • Training for front-line workers to enhance skills and capacity; 
  • Sharing of relevant resources and linking front-line workers to other networks. 

Development of services 

Areas of specific need for service development are discussed through meetings with community members, service providers and administrators. These services are then implemented at the CLSCs, in the hospital centres, in community organizations or by regional actors. 

Promotion and prevention 

Promotion of healthy practices and the prevention of violence and abuse in the region are achieved through: 

  • Promotion campaigns to end the cycle of family violence; 
  • Advisory committees to end violence and abuse and enhance safety and security in Inuit communities; 
  • Awareness-raising activities organized in the communities; 
  • Collaboration with the Public Health Department in the delivery of the “Good Touch/Bad Touch” child sexual abuse-prevention program. 

Regional collaboration 

Regional collaboration is achieved through: 

  • The Regional Steering Committee on Violence and Sexual Abuse (RSCVSA), which brings together the directors and department heads of all concerned organizations in Nunavik twice a year; 
  • Working committees that are designated by the RSCVSA to address identified issues or implement specific projects; 
  • Provincial and regional women’s-shelter networks; 
  • Consultation with key partners for advice and direction on different projects. 

Policies and procedures 

Policies and procedures in relation to family violence and sexual abuse are established through local and regional consultations with stakeholders, and when relevant are presented at the provincial level. These include: 

  • The Government Action Plan concerning Sexual Assault; 
  • The Government Action Plan concerning Conjugal Violence; 
  • Intervention protocols for the designated centres for victims of sexual assault; 
  • Operating procedures for the women’s shelters of Nunavik. 

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