Nunavik Health Surveys

The Department of Public Health is responsible for the management of the regional public-health program.As part of that regional program, the Public Health Surveys team has the mandate ofmonitoring and increasing awareness of the overall state of Nunavimmiut health.

Every 5 years (approximately), the Surveys team collaborates with various partners to organise a new wave of Nunavik-wide Health surveys, to gather valuable data necessary for planning and programming the services offered in the region’s health and social services network.

These surveys have evolved to become informed by Inuit knowledge, values, worldview, stakeholder engagement, and the latest health sciences research in order to:

  • Provide high-quality data to monitor change,
  • Identify strengths and gaps, and
  • Inform decision making, leading to improved health and wellness among Inuit in Canada.

All the results of the Health surveys are (will be) made available via the NRBHSS website.