Community Organizations

Non-profit community organizations contribute to improvement of the social fabric and living conditions in their respective communities. Their services complement those provided by the public health and social services institutions. Operating at the community level, they are the entities best positioned to understand the community's needs.

Objectives of the Community Organizations programs
Admissibility Criteria
Applications for Funding
List of Community Organizations

The objectives of the community-organization program (PSOC) are to: 

  • Ensure funding for the operations of the community organizations;
  • Provide the community organizations and their boards of directors with the support and information they require to fulfil their missions;
  • Recognize and promote the community organizations' activities;
  • Ensure services are provided and activities carried out in accordance with the practices of effective management.


Admissibility Criteria: 

To be admissible for support and funding under the program, a community organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a legal person incorporated according to Québec laws governing non-profit organizations;
  • Be headed by a board of directors consisting primarily of service users or members of the community it serves
  • Propose activities that are complementary to or support those provided by the health and social services sector;
  • Function according to the practices of effective management and the regulations established by the Government of Québec. As such, it is subject to the general by-laws duly approved at a regular session of its board of directors and revised as needed;
  • Respect and maintain adherence to the 8 criteria of Autonomous Community Action:
    1. Be a non-profit organization;
    2. Be community-based;
    3. Maintain an associative and democratic life;
    4. Be free to determine its mission, approaches, practices, and orientations;
    5. Have been established at the initiative of the community members;
    6. Pursue a social mission unique to itself that promotes social transformation;
    7. Demonstrate civic practices and broad approaches, focused on the entirety of the addressed issue;
    8. Be governed by an independent board of directors separate from the public network.

Applications for Funding: 

In order to receive support and funding from the program, the community organizations must submit an annual funding request by mid-March. They are also required to submit financial and activity reports as requested throughout the year.

Funding requests and reports are reviewed by planning and programming officers supporting organizations and community programs. Once reviewed and adjusted, a funding scenario is presented to the board of directors of the NRBHSS for approval.

Community Organizations

NYHA – Nunavik Youth House Association

Facebook page

PO BOX 297, Inukjuak, J0M 1M0

The Nunavik Youth Houses Association is in charge of all youth houses across Nunavik. They are safe places for all Nunavummiut aged 5 to 19 years old, allowing them to socialize, share, learn from each other, learn Inuit culture and have fun under the supervision of animators and coordinators. 


620 Chemin du Bord du Lac, Suite 304, Dorval, H9S 2B6

Serve as the voice of Nunavik women, to represent their interests and ensure their well-being. Reach out to the 14 communities and to Inuit women who have moved to the South. Encourage women to take positive actions to improve their own social and economic well-being. Advocate at the regional level for programs and services to promote healthy women, children and families.

Saturviit provides financial and other support to local women’s groups to carry out community projects. It undertakes regional projects in the interest of women and represents Nunavik women at the national level on advisory and academic working groups.    


Facebook page
P.O. Box 900, Kuujjuaq J0M 1C0

Provide an affordable place to stay for individuals with mental-health problems and intellectual deficiencies. Help residents gain autonomy and raise public awareness of social reintegration.


P.O. Box 586, Kuujjuaq J0M 1C0

Provide physical and psychological support to women and their children who are victims of domestic violence and abuse and experiencing difficulties. The shelter:

  • Ensures the clients receive basic necessities and a safe place to stay;
  • Assists women in assuming responsibility for their situations, such as addiction issues, and encourages clients to make positive changes, work on family relationships and live a safer and healthier lifestyle;
  • Provides an opportunity for healing through activities and self-care to promote wellness and recovery from their life experiences that have negative impacts on their lives;
  • Offers information and education concerning violence, effects on children witnessing violence in the home, parenting skills and other topics.
  • Services are offered to women of the community or from other communities if needed.

P.O. Box 29, Kuujjuaq J0M 1C0

The Qajaq Network seeks to help men who are on a personal growth journey or who are experiencing difficulties. Promote programs and services to further enhance personal and collective well-being, favouring the development of healthier and safer communities while advocating equality between men and women.

Services are available to all men in need from all communities.

P.O. Box 749, Kuujjuaq J0M 1C0

Provide a culturally based wellness program to help Inuit adopt a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle. Promote Inuit pride, self-empowerment, spirituality and healing through loving, healthy, productive lifestyles in a safe, addiction-free environment.


P.O. Box 179, Kuujjuaq J0M 1C0

Provide a forum for Inuit youths of Nunavik where they can express themselves on social issues and well-being and promote a healthy lifestyle.


PO BOX 1173, Kuujjuaq, J0M 1C0

Nurrait |Jeunes Karibu’s mission is to promote personal and social development among Nunavik youth through outdoor intervention programs. The vision is met with a connection to nature, one’s self and others. Through this, Nunavik youth will be equipped to blossom. 


P.O. Box 385, Puvirnituq J0M 1P0

Provide independent-living opportunities and community-support services for low-income Inuit who have mental-health problems and are at risk of itinerancy. Residents are primarily from Puvirnituq, but applications from other villages in Nunavik are welcomed if space permits.


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35 Uqaituk street, Puvirnituq, J0M 1P0

Pituat Family House is a non-profit organization that opened on March 15th, 2022. It is for a healthier community. The building has 2 components: A family house (gathering room and kitchen) and a short-term safe house for families. Pituat does various activities based on healthier lifestyles (support groups for addiction, cooking courses, clothing donations, etc.) Pituat also has a small daycare for when parents participate in the activities.   


819 254-1414
P.O. Box 229, Inukjuak J0M 1M0

Provide accommodation for women and their children at the shelter. When needed the shelter also offers respite accommodation for elderly women who need a safe place away from difficult living situations or are experiencing abuse.

Services are offered to women of the community or other communities if needed.


P.O. Box 413, Inukjuak J0M 1M0

Support youths and young men by actively promoting Inuit culture within the community, involving various generations of men.

Bridge the gap between generations, promote Inuit culture and ultimately support the young men of the community in getting back on their feet and learning traditional skills passed down from elders.

Work closely with the justice system at supporting young men subject to the system and who require social rehabilitation and reintegration. The supportive environment responds to the needs of young men and ensures that they not forgotten and that they receive support as long as they need it.


P.O. Box 320, Inukjuak J0M 1M0

Provide housing for elders in need of support, assistance with activities of daily living, and supervision in a safe environment while ensuring the well-being and local/regional interests of elders in Nunavik.

P.O. Box 379, Inukjuak J0M 1M0

Sirivik is a food centre in Inukjuak, Nunavik. Their goal is to decrease food insecurity and social isolation in the community while contributing to healthy eating habits. They offer healthy meals and food programs and is a welcoming space to eat and socialize!


808 Kuup Tukia, Inukjuak, J0M 1M0

Inukrock's mission is to improve the accessibility of climbing (indoors and outdoors) in Nunavik through the growth of local youth leadership. The main objectives of Inukrock are to: 

  • promote an active lifestyle and network of healthy relationships
  • create a base of Nunavimmiut rock climbers who can gather to challenge themselves and  support each other
  • develop indoor and outdoor climbing facilities in Nunavik
  • prevent substance use
  • increase self-esteem and foster self-confidence


819 255-8817
P.O. Box 239, Salluit J0M 1S0

Provide shelter and support to Inuit women and their children who are victims of violence or at risk of becoming victims of violence in Nunavik. Provide a place that responds to their needs for comfort and counselling.

Services are offered to women of the community or other communities if needed.


Facebook page
P.O. Box 29, Salluit J0M 1S0

To deliver a range of services guided by principles that focus on building supportive relationships, facilitation growth, respecting diversity and furthering community development. Working with children, families and caregivers to enhance strengths, to build capacities and to promote healthy development.

Iqitsivik had set some orientation actions such as:

  • Promoting coping strategies as support for individuals struggling with substance abuse, psychological abuse and emotional trauma;
  • Providing services in a cultural based environment;
  • Promoting lifestyle changes with a safe, respectful and positive approach;
  • Developing, improving and building parent-child relations;
  • Bridging generational gaps through discourse, activities and compassionate care within families and the community at large;
  • Encouraging families and individuals to integrate into the community, after long absences, to nurture love for the whole family unit, and recognize the need of fostering this love even if the family dynamic changes;
  • Nurturing creativity as a form of therapy, whether it be through art, dance, music, painting or oral recitation.



P.O. Box 145, Kangiqsujuaq J0M 1K0

Provide shelter for elders and handicapped persons who require support, daily assistance and supervision within a safe living environment.


Facebook page
P.O. Box 189, Kangiqsujuaq J0M 1K0


  • To offer a safe and welcoming place to the members of the community of Kangirsujuaq;
  • To manage program and services for the well-being of the community members;
  • To be a place where we can heal ourself and family members;
  • To organize and hold activities for the well-being of the community members;
  • Any other activity related to those previously indicated.


The Family House will be a safe, welcoming physical space where programs and services are offered with an eye to supporting Kangiqsujuaq community members on their journey to wellness and wellbeing. It will be a place where anyone who expresses a desire to heal themselves or their families will find support and encouragement. All judgement will be left at the door. All who enter here will be encouraged to do their very best, recognizing that healing is a process that occurs over time.

Mission statement

The Wellness Committee is creating the Family House as a safe, welcoming, and healing place in Kangiqsujuaq to promote individual wellness and community wellbeing as a resource for the North.


Facebook page
P.O. BOX 219, Kangiqsualujjuaq J0M 1N0

  • Provide a resource for families in the community, offering parenting-skills workshops and other useful training.
  • Develop a baby-book project with focus on child development and parent-child relations.
  • Develop a community kitchen where teaching will be provided on nutrition and healthy meals.
  • Provide a safe place for youths to reside when they are not safe in their family home or when their caregiver is intoxicated.


PO BOX 39, Quaqtaq, J0M 1J0

Since 2008 Aaqitauvik Healing Centre has provided workshops for Inuit throughout the 14 communities of Nunavik, with the Steps to Freedom Program, as well as workshops for Inuit in Correctional Facilities in Montreal. For those taking steps to make positive changes in their lives, Aaqitauvik workshops address the deep issues of past and present abuse and trauma that lead to addiction, violence and harmful life choices. 


PO BOX 279, Kuujjuaraapik, J0M 1G0


The Qimutjuit men’s association aims to contribute in establishing a future where sustainable collaboration in the daily practice of indigenization is rooted in the hearts of the people and leaders of the community. It offers traditional Inuit culture outreach services and programing for youth to elder to practice and preserve culture, language and healthy living.


PO BOX 519, Kuujjuaraapik, JOM 1G0


Tasiurvik family house is a place where women, men and children can meet, learn to take care of each other and build a strong community. The family house offers activities that focus on the transmission of Inuit culture.